Burnout, Balance and Social Media BS with Kenslee Oxley

Burnout is very real in the property management industry, it can feel impossible to balance work and home life along with showing up authentically on your Social Media.

If you don’t have the correct tools in place, your body can eventually shut down.

In this episode we speak with, Kenslee Oxley who is passionate about all things Real Estate and has been in the industry for over a decade

“It’s really important in property management to rethink about that positive mindset and taking that mental load off.”

– Kenslee Oxley

In this episode we explore:

  • Kenslee’s journey into the property space as a career
  • The mental weight that comes with property management and running household combined
  • How she asked her employer to have more life balance so she could be still be with her family
  • Practices and tools she put in place to support her be in flow at work and at home
  • How she integrates self care and how she lives the mindset of it’s all about she feels, not what she looks like
  • How prioritising your health can lead to personal and professional satisfaction and happiness
  • The changes she has seen on social media and how she believes in authenticity


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