Are You Missing Out on Valuable Rent Roll Revenue? with Tarsi Hynes

When was the last time you took a good look at your rent roll? I’m not talking about how many properties you have under management. Are you charging the correct fees? Do you have bonds for all your properties? Are your routine inspections up to date? Have you looked at where you’re missing valuable revenue or putting your business at risk?

In today’s epic episode, Tarsi Hynes returns to speak with Kylie about the solution to many issues facing property managers and real estate business owners. Tarsi is the founder of The Tarsi Way, a company that helps manage and minimize risk through rent roll due diligence, business valuations, and general consultancy for all things rent roll. 

Let Tarsi wave her magic wand and help you with your challenges. Find out how in today’s episode of The Property Management Podcast.

Property managers are doing the best they can with the knowledge and power that they’ve got. But they’re doing the same thing every single day, so at some point in time, even as a business owner, you get cross-eyed. And things get missed. We are human.”

Tarsi Hynes

In This Episode:

– Meet Tarsi Hynes, Founder and Director of The Tarsi Way

– What are the current trends and challenges in the property management space?

– How can property managers and business owners function and run their businesses optimally?

– Common mistakes property managers make and how to prevent the same errors from happening

– Due diligence and other services offered by Tarsi to help you make the most of your rent roll

– How does Tarsi pursue her personal development goals?

– And more!!!


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