In the world of property management, challenges are inevitable, but so are the stories of resilience and success. We had the pleasure of chatting with Jodie Fraser, the founder of Fraser Allen Estate Management based in Bristol, UK.

Jodie’s journey in the property management industry spans 17 years however, her path was not without its challenges, including a near-fatal health crisis that forced her to reevaluate her life and business. We delve into Jodie’s experiences, the struggles in property management, and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

Jodie’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish her business with her desire to prioritise client care and improve the living experiences of those in the properties she managed. However, the journey wasn’t without its share of ups and downs. Jodie experienced burnout, (something that many other business owners may also experience) and it really took a toll on her health, leading her to a wake-up call that then led her to prioritise self-care.

In November 2022, Jodie faced a major health crisis – she was hospitalised with pneumonia and sepsis. Despite multiple chest infections and warning signs from her body, she ignored them and pushed through, as she felt she had a responsibility to her business, clients, and staff. The health scare brought her face-to-face with the consequences of what can happen if you neglect your own personal well-being and warning signs of burnout from her body.

Jodie emphasises the importance of mindset and personal development to help overcoming burnout. Jodie believes that physical health practices like exercise and a healthy diet is important however the need for cultivating a resilient mindset is just as vital. She encourages entrepreneurs to find strategies and rituals that work for them in maintaining their own mental well-being.

Podcasts is one of her favourite resources for personal development, in particular the “Diary of a CEO” by Stephen Bartlett. Jodie enjoys the variety of insights and conversations on mindset and breath work, which supports a holistic approach to personal growth.

Beyond personal challenges, Jodie shares some property management struggles particularly in her area (the UK). Post Covid issues, rising material costs, energy, aggressive clients and grey areas in the regulations can be tough along with not much guidance from the Government.

Jodie is working with a Charity at the moment and they’ve designed an amazing app which is a personal safety app, called HoliGuard. If you’re in a meeting or doing an inspection, you can put when the meeting starts, and if it doesn’t finish within the time period that you’ve set, that notifies your employer, or whoever you put in, your next of kin, or your husband for example. She has found this fantastic to use as it provides a sense of safety.

Jodie’s journey is such an inspiration for other entrepreneurs and property managers! Her story serves as a source of inspiration for those that are navigating their paths in the property management industry. The lessons learned from her experiences offer valuable insights into the importance of prioritising self care and listening to your body, adopting a resilient mindset, and embracing innovation in your business journey.



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