A Burnout Story You Need to Hear With Jodie Fraser

Do you listen to your body?

Our bodies are constantly trying to send us messages whether that’s the feeling of our gut instinct, a tension headache or maybe your back and shoulders are sore because you’ve been spending too much time at the computer. And yet we just keep pushing through and ignoring those signs that something’s not right.

In this episode we speak with Jodie Fraser who nearly lost her life because she pushed through the signs her body was telling her.

Jodie is a Founder and CEO, Multi-award winning residential block management specialist and consultant, maintaining safe, attractive homes for clients and residents. Passionate entrepreneur putting people first.

Working on your mindset is definitely the biggest advice that I could probably give. You can do all of the healthy things to keep your body the way that you need it to be. But if your mind is constant, there’s no way that you can switch off or do something 30 minutes a day that you really enjoy and that you love, then it’s learning to have that volume button.

Jodie Fraser

In this episode we explore:

  • Jodie’s journey and how she became a residential block management specialist
  • Her health journey, how she nearly lost her life and how she was hospitalised
  • The health signs she was ignoring before her burnout and diagnosis
  • The transformations she experienced post her burnout journey and the things she incorporated to help her on her healing journey
  • How looking after your mindset is key
  • How she overcame her fears and limiting beliefs with starting her own business


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