3 Tips to Take You From Overworked to Growing Your Business with Ease

Welcome to the very first episode of The Property Management Podcast. Today, we’re going to talk about growing your business, how to work smarter and not harder by prioritizing your lead generation, and how a simple shift in mindset can get those new managements rolling in. But first, let me share my story. Thirteen years ago, I left my day job as a TV sports journalist. I was working long hours, including weekends. With four children, I was missing out on way too much. The mother’s guilt was crippling! 

I quit my job and started a real estate business with zero experience. It was harder than I thought. Surely, there has to be an easy way of doing property management. So, I rebuilt myself and turned my business around. Finally, I started to make a profit and achieved work-life balance for the first time. Now I’m on a mission to share my strategies, tips, and tools with you. 

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“If growth is what you want, you simply need to prioritize it. No excuses.” – Kylie Walker

In This Episode:

– Learn exactly how to grow your business and get things done without excuses

– The big question in everyone’s mind right now. There is no easy answer, but I will share 3 simple strategies.

– Discover the biggest mistake almost every business owner make when it comes to growth

– How I avoid tasks that cause me discomfort (please tell me I’m not the only one doing this)

– A quote from Forrest Gump that sums up the distractions that come with property management

– Try my strategies for lead generation and delegating tasks (my kids were my helpers in the early days of my business)

– Letting go of the need to control everything and optimizing your processes to free up your dollar-producing time

– Do you hate hearing the word NO? Rejection is an inevitable part of doing sales, but it is not the end

– How do we overcome the fear of rejection?

– Quick recap of the 3 simple strategies you can do to grow your business

– Your action steps from today’s episode


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